I have been doing a lot of research on some different projects that I could be doing with some of the tools that I have. I came across a really cool article that explained how to make all types of gun parts and that we can sell those parts for some good money.

I personally know that ar15 guns are the most popular gun in the whole United States so that is the first parts that I decided to try and make. It is simple supply and demand, ar15 parts are in high demand and I will try and supply it. If I could figure out how to make parts such as a foldable ar15 buttstock or AR uppers that there would be a lot of potential buyers for those items.

With some trial and error and a lot of practice along with some help from my friend Max Blagg, I was able to figure out how to make some of these parts. One of the first parts that I successfully made was a ar15 rifle barrels. This was fairly easy and I was able to sell it for some good profit. I just had to buy the steel and shape it into a barrel.

There wasn’t more to it than that. After I crafted it I posted it on eBay and it sold within a couple days. I sold it for a little over $200. Which is great since it only took me a couple hours and $35 to make it. That is some good profit margin and I think I will continue to make them. I can see myself making some good chunk of change from this little hobby.

So if you have the skills then I would say to try and see if you can make some of these parts. It is at least worth a shot and you could possibly make some good money from this little activity. Thanks for reading and good luck if you decide to do it.

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Power Tools and Electric Saws

Power tools are the key to building and constructing things such as your house, the place that you work and the chair that you are sitting in while you read this. Tools are so important to all things construction and in this article I will talk a little more about power tools and some power saws as well.

So sit back and enjoy this article as I help you understand the importance of power tools and some good information on how to find the best tools for your job. Never waste money on useless tools again after reading this article.

When you are deciding on buying a new power tool for your workshop you need to know a couple things. What you want to get done and how much you are willing to pay. A cheap band saw isn”t going to get the job done as good as a $1,000 band saw, if you want the best you are going to have to fork up some cash. Now, most of the time you will not need to spend that much money to find a tool that gets the job done. My advice is to just be cautious buying really cheap tools and really expensive tools because you usually don”t have to go to such an extreme to find the right tool for you.

The other thing that you should do before making any sort of purchases is read reviews on all of the tools that you are thinking about buying. This will save you from getting a really crappy tool by just reading the reviews.

Some of the best reviews that I have read on tools in general is from a site called Wildfire Productions. This site reviews all of the types of power saws on the market and helps you find the best saw for your needs. A couple of my favorite articles from the site are listed below and I suggest you give them a read!

Wildfire Productions Band Saw Reviews

Miter Saw Reviews by Wildfire

Best Scroll Saw Reviews

Those are just a couple of my top review articles and those are what helped me pick out my new saws. So if you are in the market for a new power saw go give them a look and they will make the buying process as simple as possible.